Coach Controls - Coupe-23 Base Wiring Kit

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If you're upgrading or retrofitting an earlier installation you may be able to save money by ordering just the components you need. Start with this Base Kit and select, al a carte, just the wire and connectors you need. The Base Kit includes the same Power Center and laminated wiring diagram as our complete kit but does not include all the wire and connector kits that add significantly to the cost. Upgrading or retrofitting an older installation is recommended only for professional and experienced installers.


The Coupe Base Kit ... what’s included:


•  100A Power Center, 23 circuits, 18 fuses, 14 relays

•  Large 17x22, Double-Sided, Laminated, Color Wiring Diagram

•  Two 100A LMI fuses and fuse holders, one protects the Power Center, the other protects the Battery and Alternator


•  Power Center cable - connects Ignition, Headlight, and Dimmer switches to the Power Center for activating the on-board relays

•  8 and 10 awg GXL wire for connecting the Power Center primary input power to the Battery and Alternator

•  16 awg GXL wire for connecting to the Exciter on a GM "SI" alternator

•  Terminals and heat shrink tubing