E chassis 4 Link - Front Upper Mounts

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These are the same front upper brackets sold in our kit, just sold here as a pair for those who just want to work with the uppers only.

We've made them to basically mimic the factory geometry but have increased the thickness a fair bit for longer life and more power handling. Made from 3/16" steel, they'll weld easily and hold shape as well as take a lot of abuse.

The upper mounts also have an increased size to an enlarged squared off shape to allow them to be cut into the chassis/cab of the car to lengthen the upper arms and improve geometry without going too far inside the car. They can still be hidden under a back seat, but have better geometry at the same time. You can go from stock up to 2-3/4" more length. Adding length will mean that stock upper arms will not fit, you will need longer arms!

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Larger profile upper mounts